About Us

Amproker is a mobile platform where buyers post their wishes and sellers submit offers. At Amproker, sellers obtain sales leads. Buyers save time and get the best value for money. It is the reverse eBay, that is: sellers bid to lower the final price.

Amproker appeals to the millennial generation. The platform is the ultimate embodiment of an on-demand economy. Buyers begin by expressing what they want to spend money on, receive custom made offers, and finally select the best deals for them. Buyers control the process of communication and transaction from start to finish.

It is a platform where sellers also gain tremendous benefit. Clear and definite sales leads level the playing field for small and medium sized enterprises. SMEs will focus time and budget on selling and serving actual consumers. Amproker translates to reduction in the number of cold calls and ineffective promotion budget.

The platform and the company exist because we want to use technology to simultaneously simplify modern living and empower people. We believe that our success will be reflected in the number of lives we positively touch. There is a clear vision that we strive to bring to life: instant and efficient access to everything that people need to be productive and fulfilled.

Amproker is a startup company that is always going to be passionate about contributing positively to society.

Our team

Eron Young


Johny Jugianto